We are open for face to face appointments and remote appointments are still available. Our Dove Buddies groups are up and running in multiple locations and we have a new weekly Bereavement Support Group in Burslem


National Volunteers Week 2020 (1-7 June)

Volunteers’ Week is about celebrating and thanking those who give up their time to make a difference.

There are many benefits to volunteering for individuals. There are the obvious health benefits to the volunteer, such as the “feel good factor,” as well as improved employment prospects and improved self-esteem, and it also helps to strengthen communities.

Sarah, our HR & Development Manager, joined the Dove Service as a volunteer 13 years ago, alongside her studies.  Sarah comments “the essential service that they provided to my local community was inspirational, and I wanted to be a part of that in some way. I helped out in the office, but my true passion was fundraising!  A few of the events I’ve taken part in over the years include completing the Potteries Arf’ Marathon twice, (the second time dressed as a camel!); abseiled down the side of Staffordshire University…despite my fear of heights, plus I ran pub quizzes and learnt to paint (badly!)”.

Sarah has since furthered her career with the Dove Service and is now our HR & Development Manager and goes on to say ” when recruiting new team members, the re-occurring question that I am always asked is ‘What do you like most about working at the Dove Service?’. Without hesitation, I am proud to say that it’s because of our people! I am extremely lucky to work with such a diverse mix of individuals from differing backgrounds, all who go above and beyond to up hold our organisational values and provide invaluable support to our local community.  One of the greatest privileges I have is to oversee our wonderful Placements and Volunteers; they are a true asset, and without them, we would not be as far reaching within our locality.

This year has been by far one of the most challenging times we have ever had to face as an organisation, due to the on-going funding strains that impact local charities like the Dove Service, alongside the Coronavirus outbreak. However, with the support of our wonderful team, everyone has pulled together to ensure that we are still accessible to the public and that we are able to best support those in need”.

Sarah comments, “during Volunteers Week 2020 I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to our Placements and Volunteers, past and present – never underestimate the impact that you have on our internal and external communities!”


If you would like to learn more on how you can volunteer with the Dove Service, click here >> https://www.thedoveservice.org.uk/volunteering/