We are open for face to face appointments and remote appointments are still available. Our Dove Buddies groups are up and running in multiple locations and we have a new weekly Bereavement Support Group in Burslem

Group Support

Where to find us

Bescura Family Hub – Car Park D
Port Vale Football Club
Hamil Road


Our weekly Bereavement Support Group meets weekly each Wednesday at 1.30pm at Bescura Family Hub situated at Port Vale Football Club in Burslem. 

Facilitated by trained counsellors, bereavement groups are therapeutic groups in which those present have the space to grieve, express their feelings and share their stories in a safe and confidential setting that is inclusive and non-judgemental. 

Exploring your loss as part of a group and sharing your experiences with others who are also grieving can help you find a way forward through your individual experience of bereavement. 

The support groups are designed for individuals to attend as and when they feel it would be helpful for them. Members can attend weekly or space their attendances out. There’s no requirement for all those attending to speak, it may just be helpful to be present and among others with shared experiences of bereavement.

If you would like to attend please register at least 24 hours before attending by registering your details below or call us on 01782 683155

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