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TDS Port Vale

The Dove Service scores new partnership with Port Vale F.C.

The Dove Service are delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with Port Vale Football Club.

Formed in 1876, Port Vale Football Club has served the local community for over 142 years and is also one of the few English League Clubs not to be named after a geographical location, but a reference to the valley of ports on the Trent and Mersey Canal which acted as a link to other local communities in the area.

With it’s rich social history and strong community links we feel that Port Vale Football Club will serve as a strong partner to help the Dove Service continue to achieve it’s vision and commitment in providing services to people in the community from the age of 4+ who are experiencing issues relating to bereavement, loss or life-changing illness.

The Dove Service are particularly excited about this partnership in regards to our #Helpusfly fundraising campaign, designed to help raise money for our “core” services,  enabling us to continue to provide and support families within our catchment area.

We spoke to Hilary Yeomans, our Fundraising Lead regarding the partnership and she stated that she is “…grateful to the club for offering their support” and said “It’s great to see how we can all work together”. Hilary commented further on how the collaboration with Port Vale F.C will have a positive effect on the organisation, moving forward:

“We really appreciate the support of Port Vale Football Club and as I discussed with Colin Garlick, we are aware of the clubs work within the local community with children and felt that our charity may be one that could strike a chord with some of those who may benefit from our services.

“Although we do receive some funding to deliver our core services, we also rely heavily on donations and on our own fundraising to help keep our services going.

“37% of our services are not funded, this is where we are appealing for the local community to support us and to #helpusfly with our fundraising efforts.

“By supporting the Dove Service, people will be making a difference to thousands of families living within our catchment areas who have been bereaved of a loved one or who are going through a difficult period in their lives.”