We are open for face to face appointments and remote appointments are still available. Our Dove Buddies groups are up and running in multiple locations and we have a new weekly Bereavement Support Group in Burslem

Effects of grief

When we experience the death of someone we love, we start to process the grief of loss which affects us in many ways. It affects our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviour.  Grieving is a complex process and can be both confusing and frightening…

Here are some of the ways grief may affect us:-

Feelings – Numbness, helplessness, shock, anger, guilt, anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion, loneliness, apathy, relief, insecurity, abandonment, death anxiety, shame, incompleteness of unfinished business, dread, isolation.

Thoughts –  Disbelief, confusion,  denial, thoughts of going mad,  emptiness,  lack of meaning and purpose,  thoughts of suicide or not wanting to be  alive,    resentment,  envy, afraid of losing memories of loved one, a sense of the loved one’s presence,

Bodily Reactions –  Exhaustion, feeling generally unwell, lack of appetite, feeling sick, overeating for comfort, breathlessness, dry mouth, tension, difficulty swallowing food, tightness in the chest, bodily aches and pains, lowered immune system, lack of energy, nightmares, flashbacks

Behaviour – Social withdrawal, doing too much or too little. Changes in sleep pattern, searching for loved one, forgetful, loss of concentration, Becoming quickly angry with others, Restlessness, Crying,

Talking to a bereavement counsellor may help to normalise these reactions which can be both helpful and reassuring, at a time when we feel vulnerable and unable to cope.

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