Life Changing Illness…A Personal Story

Claire’s story When someone gets an illness or condition that is life changing, then loss and denial can be prominent. I hear this a lot when I work with clients but I have also experienced this personally several years ago when my grandad developed Parkinson’s Disease. Living with a life changing illness doesn’t just mean […]

Why wait for specialist counselling?

When someone dies we get hit with an avalanche, not just of emotion, but of the practicalities and formalities that surround death. There are people to inform, finances to sort out, maybe a house, belongings, car, pets, children… wills to be finalised, probate issues, bank issues, tax issues, pension issues.  A funeral or other service […]

National Volunteers Week 2020 (1-7 June)


Volunteers’ Week is about celebrating and thanking those who give up their time to make a difference. There are many benefits to volunteering for individuals. There are the obvious health benefits to the volunteer, such as the “feel good factor,” as well as improved employment prospects and improved self-esteem, and it also helps to strengthen […]

Coping with a traumatic loss

Sometimes the death of someone close to us can be sudden and traumatic. This may complicate the grieving process and leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with our feelings. It may be that we were present at the time of death and witnessed a horrible event. We may have found the body or […]

Are you looking for counselling & support?

Telephone Counselling extended for new referrals in England & Wales The Dove Service are pleased to announce that we are now able to extend our counselling and support services to take any NEW referrals for anyone aged 18+ residing within England & Wales.  We are able to offer telephone counselling sessions going forward to anyone […]

Can you become a Dove Service ‘Home Hero’?

Can you join us in the #TwoPointSixChallenge and become a ‘Home Hero’?  We’re inviting you, your family and friends to take part in The 2.6 Challenge from Sunday 26 April to help to save the UK’s charities including the Dove Service. The organisers of the London Marathon, the biggest mass-participation sports event across the country, […]

Pandemic – Lockdown NOT shutdown

We are facing strange times; in the midst of a pandemic. Confined to our homes as never before, our daily routine has changed.  What routine? It has all gone. The hours and the days are beginning to roll into confusion. What date is it? What day is it even? It may be tempting to stay […]

Talking about death – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Image of an elderly couple

The world is currently facing a dreaded nightmare, a global pandemic. This has, understandably, caused most of us to feel frightened and fearful of the future. We may feel anxious that society, and indeed the world, as we know it appears to be spinning out of control. The more out of control we feel, the […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement from our CEO, Charlie O’Dell

ℹ️ THE DOVE SERVICE UPDATE We know that there is a lot of anxiety around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we would like to assure all our clients that we are taking all recommended steps to protect both the public and our staff. We are: Cleaning all surfaces, handles, light switches etc twice a day Providing […]

The Dove Service – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update to Clients

ℹ️ IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR EXISTING CLIENTS We know that the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is causing an increased amount of anxiety and fear and want our clients to continue to receive the support they need from us. However, please appreciate that we do have to balance our commitment to our clients against our commitment to […]