Bereavement by suicide

When someone takes their own life we may feel an intense range of emotions. It is a sudden, usually unexpected event which is traumatic and may even be violent.  These feelings can include anger, shame, blame, guilt, betrayal, fear and intense sadness. Many questions may haunt us such as “Why did they do it?” and […]

What to say?

Counselling Session

It can be really difficult to know what to say to someone who’s loved one has died.  It can also be distressing for the bereaved person to have to deal with people who do not know how to respond to their grief. Unhelpful reactions which are reported by bereaved people include: “Pull yourself together” “Isn’t […]

Life Changing Illness

Life is challenging with its ups and downs and it can be devastating to be diagnosed with an illness which is life changing.  Receiving a diagnosis can alter your everyday life, it can cause anxiety for the future and fears for the unknown which lies ahead for the short or longer time you have left. Having […]

Effects of grief

When we experience the death of someone we love, we start to process the grief of loss which affects us in many ways. It affects our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviour.  Grieving is a complex process and can be both confusing and frightening… Here are some of the ways grief may affect us:- Feelings […]

Self Care after a bereavement

The death of a loved one throws our world into chaos, it shakes the very foundations of our body and soul. Death affects us in every which way, it wreaks havoc with all our bodily functions and we cannot eat or sleep properly, we may suffer palpitations and anxiety attacks. Our heads feel full of […]